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  • Retirados los cargos contra Decapitated

    Publicado el 5 de Enero de 2018 por Jorge Azcona
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    Retirados los cargos contra Decapitated
    Recordemos que el 8 de septiembre los polacos Decapitated eran arrestados acusados del supuesto secuestro de una mujer después de un concierto en Spokane (Washington). Tras meses encarcelados los cargos han sido retirados formalmente.

    All charges against Decapitated have formally been dropped. Arrested September 8 in Santa Ana whilst on tour, the members of the band were jailed until December where they were released on their own recognizance.

    New evidence arose that helped show that the band was innocent. While a trial would have given the band the opportunity to have all this evidence heard, the band welcome the decision and are excited to return back to their homes in Poland.

    The members of Decapitated – Wacław, Rafal, Michał and Hubert - send a sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who supported them during this difficult time, including fans, friends, and family.


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