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  • Nuevo álbum de Sick Of It All en noviembre

    Publicado el 17 de Agosto de 2018 por Jorge Azcona
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    Nuevo álbum de Sick Of It All en noviembre
    Los incombustibles Sick Of It All acaban de anunciar el lanzamiento de "Wake The Sleeping Dragon!", un nuevo trabajo que verá la luz el 2 de noviembre. El álbum, mezclado y masterizado de nuevo por Tue Madsen, contará con la colaboración de artistas como Tim McIlrath y Chuck Ragan.

    Sick Of It All are happy to announce the release of their upcoming album, entitled ”Wake The Sleeping Dragon!“, which is scheduled for a release November 2nd, 2018.

    Working with friends is one of the key factors that are very important to SICK OF IT ALL, so asking Ernie Parada for the striking front cover was an obvious choice: “There is no reason to burn bridges in this business”, says drummer drummer Armand Majidi. “Our history with Ernie Parada goes back to the late eighties, so working with him, there is a kinship that makes things easier to communicate.” Singer Lou Koller and Parada came up with the idea of doing monster-movie styled art as the cover. “The dragon climbing the Empire State was a concept I always wanted to see brought to life, so the two ideas were destined to come together this way.”

    SICK OF IT ALL and Tue Madsen, who mixed and mastered “Wake The Sleeping Dragon!”, have maintained a long-lasting relationship based on understanding, friendship and most importantly, good results - three factors any band would be very happy with. The Jerry Farley also became a very important part of the creation of this album. After working with him at Nova Studios, Staten Island, New York, before they went for a closer approach on this album: “This is the first time we've ever had a producer involved from start to finish, including the song-writing process. His objective viewpoints helped settle a lot of little issues that could have easily become stumbling blocks, and the songs themselves ended up benefitting from them.”

    Keep your eyes and ears open for a new song soon.


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